War On Lifestyle – Part III

War On Lifestyle – Our tees are being screenprinting as i type these lines. Yewwww. American Apparel 2001 – 100% cotton tees and a nice W.O.L. screenprinted logo on them.

Not sure how i came up with the idea for the W.O.L. logos and the screw logotype but a few months ago, late at night, i designed these and after many other late nights and discussions i decided we could have fun and print the logos and launch some garments. My buddy JK jumped in on this project and i’m stoked to have a friend working with me. JK takes sick pictures and always has good ideas and creative propositions, transcending the designs i’ve created with his cool photoshoots, showing how the W.O.L. designs can talk. We’re working as a team now with JK taking pics and me working on the designs and website. We’re both having lots of ideas in mind for the next batch of tee and lookbooks so it’s cool. We’ll keep on producing a Permanent Edition of our black & white typo and logo tees and we’ll soon release some Limited Editions and Collab Editions.

The idea for this side-project as explained on the WAR ON LIFESTYLE website “about” section is not just to make nice garments with good designs, it’s about making people think. Anyway, read what’s here and you’ll learn more about the project: About W.O.L.

Check waronlifestyle.com for more info.

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