Onepercentcreative is a one man thing – or design studio – as cool designers like to say. It all started ten years ago, maybe more, when i first launched a surfing media website project which has since then evolved into several different media sites and projects as well as couple brands within the boardsports industry.

The story

Being a self-taught designer with a strong Management, Marketing & Communication background and studies, i’ve taken my time to perfect the art of photoshop, illustrator, HTML coding, which was totally new for me back then, then XHTML and CSS coding and standards, designing all the artwork i needed at the same time for my websites from logos, headers, banners, mock ups, layouts, to clothes etc.

I basically learned by myself everything i was lacking from pure Management, Marketing & Communication studies to be able to control the creative, advertising, communication and management process in a company from A to Z. Being able from a simple idea to design your own logos, create your own visuals, then advertising your products or company and managing it properly is what i crave and i reckon is rewarding – a least for me – not just doing one part of the process but being able to understand and interact with each part of the process and have a good understanding of the big picture.

Fast forward a few years later and i’ve enjoyed creating logos, stories, visuals, designs, brands and concepts for my own projects as well as doing some consulting for other brands. Along the way, i’ve helped entrepreneurs and companies launching their websites, creating or enhancing their logos or artworks and orienting their brand image or strategy toward what their brand or companies were aspiring to. I realized that it was time to step it up and offer my services to help people with their web or print projects and work as a freelance designer and brand consultant on my free time. I do not say i can do anything and / or have the time to work on several projects at the same time but i’m totally confident about designing logos, designing XHTML / CSS standard based sites with nice and clean designs, and having a clear and strategic vision and brand message for your projects, brands or companies.

The services

We can help you with:

  • Consulting: creative, artwork, brand image, logos, company image.
  • Logotype design & Brand image: Logo designs or re-designs as well as visual identity design or re-design.
  • Advertisements & Print: Magazine ads, prints & flyers.
  • Web interface design: Functional, sleek, high-end, clean, aesthetic website designs and templates.
  • Web coding: Using XHTML + CSS standards.
  • Website re-design: Re-develop your company’s website. Re-build a part or all your website.
  • WordPress CMS design & blog integration: Design, integration, customisation and installation of WordPress.
  • Strong working knowledge of Photoshop: Website mock-ups, layouts, banners, buttons, navbars & designs.
  • Contact Onepercentcreative for hourly rates, page rates, custom orders, quotes, service or for further inquiry.

The question

Why work with Onepercentcreative ?

Because i believe that very few people are really creative out there, including myself, but i also believe that what makes a difference is just a small dose of originality and creativity. A little something that’s gonna make you stand out in the middle of a crowd. I do believe that a nice logo, website and brand image will definitely help you stand out and i do believe that it only takes 1% of creativity to look better and different from the rest.1% is enough to make the difference.

Browse through the different projects in the portfolio/homepage of the site to learn more about what Onepercentcreative can and can’t do for you. Then if you want to get in touch with Onepercentcreative don’t hesitate to send an email for any inquiery or for a quote.